Mortgage for Engineers


Engineered Mortgage For Engineers!

Exceptional Mortgage offer for Engineers …

We call it “Enhanced Home Ownership” !

Welcome to your “Engineered-Enhanced Home Ownership Program”. We’ve designed a more affordable home ownership solution for professionals like you, so you can get you into your dream home with the least amount of stress and cost. You’ve worked hard to build a solid and outstanding employment and credit history. Now, save money on your mortgage and reward yourself with the right Home-Ownership that meets your lifestyle and will provide long-term equity appreciation.

How do you benefit?

Without a doubt, even a small reduction in rate can mean interest savings over the life of your mortgage. And it is our specialty to seek out competitive rates from a wide range of lenders. But we also look deeper. Many mortgages have restrictive terms, which could prove more costly over the long term than a mortgage with more flexible terms. We carefully examine mortgage features and privileges that best meet your personal situation, looking at refinancing penalties, pre-payment options, payment flexibility, restrictions, fees, portability, and assumability.  Our goal is to get you a mortgage that meets your needs and can save you thousands in interest.

Here are more benefits!

We have access to over 50 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, national, regional and private lenders. Not only do we know these lenders products inside out, we also have negotiating power to get you the best product and the best deal.

We have worked with many Engineers and know that you are precise and want to get “right to the point” with your home purchase and mortgage financing. We have conducted intensive research among all of our lenders and their available products, and negotiated a holistic and unique mortgage product that is fully loaded with all benefits and features that will meet your objectives.

Sign up today!

Receive a copy of our Engineered Mortgage Package for Engineers by completing the sign up form. Please feel free to give us a call and book an appointment for more in-depth discussion. To be qualified for this program, all you need is 2 years of employment history and a good credit report.  We look forward to working with you!

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